TSL - The Svedberg Laboratory

The TSL is a university facility, based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Gustaf Werner cyclotron

The Gustaf Werner cyclotron at TSL provides particle beams for:

Proton patient

Proton therapy: The main activity of TSL is based on an agreement between Uppsala Academic Hospital and Uppsala University about proton therapy, read more about proton therapy at TSL.


Radiation testing: Beamtime not used for proton therapy will be devoted to commercial neutron and proton irradiation projects. Read more about our irradiation facilities.

Basic Research

Basic research: There will still be some time for basic (academic) research and in this case the experiments should be associated to Uppsala University or to EU projects. Read more about basic (academic) research at TSL.

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This week

Protons for Therapy (G-line), Neutrons for industry and research (D-line/ANITA/QMN)

Long Term Schedule


2nd half of year 2015

1st half of year 2015

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Notice board

A new irradiation position, CUP (Close User Position) has been constructed, characterized, and put into operation at the ANITA facility for accelerated testing of components and systems for single event effects. The energy-integrated neutron flux above 10 MeV, amounting to more than 107 cm-2 · s-1, is the highest among the facilities with atmospheric-like spectra. Results of beam characterization measurements are reported in the recent publication:

A.V. Prokofiev, E. Passoth, A. Hjalmarsson and M. Majerle, ”CUP – A New High-Flux Irradiation Position at the ANITA Neutron Facility at TSL”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 61, pp 1929-1936 (2014).

(updated: 2014-11-13)


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