Well attended tours


collage of pictures taken during tours
Text: here are some of the pictures taken during the tours.

Over 210 persons has been on site to take a last look of the particle accelerator

TSL has since the spring 2022 offered guided tours of the particle accelerator Gustaf Werner cyklotron. As the lab is under decommision and we have come to a stage when tear down and scrapping has started for real we wanted to give groups a last chance to see the machine. Då anläggningen är under avveckling och vi har kommit till ett skede där rivning börjar på riktigt ville vi ge grupper en sista chans att se maskinen. The respondse has been good and over 210 persons has been on visit and listened to researcher Hans Calén and his colleagues tell some of the interesting history. 

Last modified: 2023-05-12