Decommission TSL

TSL, sketched overview of localities


The Department of Physics and Astronomy, IFA, was 2015-12-22 given the assignment from the Uppsala University Consistory to decommission The Svedberg Laboratory from 2016-01-01. This was because the activities were not considered compatible with Uppsala University's assignment.
Within the Department of Physics and Astronyomy, TSL is now a separate subdepartment.

Our goal of the decommision is

-the equipment must be reused in original or new form. This means that we want to hand over as much equipment and materials as possible to other activities that have used for it, and for the remainder we do a radiological clearance for as many things as possible to be reused as material.

- as many premises as possible are free-classified by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) for free new use, and for the premises where radiological clearance is not possible to find new use for other activities within Uppsala University until radiological clearance is possible.

What is radiological clearance?

Since rooms and equipment have been exposed to ionizing radiation, everything must be measured carefully and then, provided that the measured radiation levels are low enough, do radiological clearance before being used for other things. If it is not possible to do radiological clearance, we must either wait until the levels have gone down or send material to final repository.

Step by step

We start with
1. Make a radiological survey of the entire plant to get a clear picture of the status of premises and equipment.
2. Develop strategies and practices that will help us to do the work safely and in accordance with the regulations.


Because this type of develoment and radiological clearance is unusual and since the rules has been sharpened in recent years, we need to find new methods for performing and analyzing measurements, developing calculation models, performing practical tests, etc. to succeed. Therefore we are happy to cooperate with the department's other departments and others within the UU and also get help from students in different working methods. We also hope to be able to develop cooperation to solve common problems with the rest of the society.

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