Decommission Radio Chemistry Lab

Person measuring on equipment in the Radiochemistry laboratory

During 2016-2020 The radio chemistry lab at TSL has been  decommissioned

Goal with emptying and decommissioning localities:

  • Equipment reused by others or going back as material in circulation.
  • Radiologically cleared premises that can be returned to Akademska Hus for other uses.

Steps in decommission of the Radio Chemistry Lab:

  • Empty radioactive preparations and other activities.   Done!
  • Empty other chemicals.   Done!
  • Empty all loose equipment.  Done!
  • Empty TSL´s installations(fume cabinets, hotbox, gaspipes). Done! 
  • Empty Akademiska Hus´s installations(ventilation, water, sewer, top layers on walls, floor, ceiling).   Done!
  • Radiological clearance of equipment for reuse.   Done!
  • Radiological clearance of the premises.   Done!
  • Application for free clearance of the localities sent in to SSM - Swedish Radiation Protection Authorities.  Done!
  • Application for free clearance approved by SSM. Done!
  • Restore the empty localities to the condition wanted by the owner. Ongoing 
  • Return the localities to the building owner Akademiska Hus. 

the empty lab, into the concrete

steps in the decommission

Last modified: 2021-03-01