Technical specifications

Panorama cyclotron hall

Picture: The Gustaf Werner Cyclotron. 1: Magnet yoke, 2: Internal Ion source feedthrough, 3: RF system (nr 1 of 2), 4: Vacuum system(nr 1 of 2), 5: Beam transport. More details in text below. (Right click to open or download picture in high resolution) Photo: Mikael Pettersson

Below you can see some technical details about the GWI Cyclotron at TSL, presented in a standard form so it can be compared to other machines. Original form can be found at: :

Machine Name:
Gustaf Werner Cyclotron

Designed by: in house
Construction Dates: 1946-51, 1977-86
First Beam Date: 1951, 1986

Characteristic Beams:
ions / energy(MeV/N) /current(pps)
p 178 3×1012
p 98 4×1013
14N7+ 45 2×1010
129Xe27+ 8.33 1×109
Secondary beam facility:
neutrons via 7Li(p,n) reaction:
n 20-175 (1-3)×105 per cm2
Transmission Efficiency (source to extracted beam):
Typical (%): 5
Best (%):
Emittance Definition:
Vertical (pi mm mrad):
Horizontal (pi mm mrad):
Longitudinal (dE/E[%] x RF[deg.]):

Technical Data:
(a) Magnet (nr 1 in picture)
Type: compact
Kb (MeV): 192
Kf (MeV):
Average Field (max./min. T): 1.75/0.6
Number of Sectors: 3
Hill Angular Width (deg.): varies
Spiral (deg.): 55
Pole Diameter (m): 2.8
Injection Radius (m): 0.019
Extraction Radius (m): 1.175
Hill Gap (m): 0.2
Valley Gap (m): 0.38
Trim Coils/Correction coils
Number: 13
Maximum Current (A-turns): ca 5000
Harmonic Coils
Number: 2 sets of 3 coils
Maximum Current (A-turns): ca 8000
Main Coils
Number: 2
Total Ampere Turns: 814000
Maximum Current (A): 1000
Stored Energy (MJ): 9
Total Iron Weight (tons): 600
Total Coil Weight (tons): 50
Main Coils (total KW): 275
Trim Coils (total, maximum, KW): 70
Refrigerator (cryogenic, KW):

(b) RF (nr 3 in picture)
Frequency Range (MHz): 12.3 – 24.0
Harmonic Modes: 1,2,3
Number of Dees: 2
Number of Cavities:
Dee Angular Width (deg.):72-42
At Injection (peak to ground, KV):
At Extraction (peak to ground, KV):
Peak (peak to ground, KV): 50
Line Power (max, KW): 280
Phase Stability (deg.): ±0.5
Voltage Stability (%): ±0.1

Ion Source: int PIG (nr 2 in picture), ext ECR (not in picture)
Source Bias Voltage (kV): 20

External Injection: axial
Buncher Type: h=1 double gap
Injection Energy (MeV/n):
Component: spiral inflectors
Injection Efficiency (%): 5 - 10

(d) Extraction
Elements, Characteristic

Isochronous mode: precessional extraction
Electro static deflector 65 kV, aperture 5 mm, septum 0.5 mm, Electro magnetic
channel(EMC) 4.7 kA, 5 mm septum passive focusing channel

Synchrocyclotron mode: regenerative extraction. Same(defl + EMC) plus
passive peeler, regenerator
Typical Efficiency (%): 50
Best Efficiency (%): 80

(e) Vacuum (nr 4 in picture)
Pumps: 2 diffusion pumps for main vacuum in tank, 1 diffusion pump for intermediate vacuum, 2 Meissner traps
Achieved Vacuum: 10-5 Pa (10-7 mbar)

Some more picture of the Gustaf Werner Cyclotron (click to get high resolution pics)

Looking down from balcony

From balcony
Photo: Torkel Pettersson

Cyclotron from floor

From floor
Photo: Torkel Pettersson

Beam transport

From beam transport
Photo: Torkel Pettersson