Due to the planned closure of The Svedberg Laboratory (TSL) from 2016, a symposium was held on Friday, November 27, 2015 in the Ihre Hall, the English Park, the Thunberg Road 3L.

The symposium gave an overview of the activities at GWI and TSL and was held in Swedish.

Below is the program:
Talks, all in Swedish:
13.15-13.20 Björn Gålnander, Introduction.
13.20-13.50 Curt Ekström, Look back at GWI and TSL
13.50-14.10 Dag Reistad,
         Building of the CELSIUS ring: Magnets and persons
14.10-14.30 Hans Calén, CELSIUS experiments 
14.30-14.45 Lars Westerberg, Gamma Cave, CHIC
15.15-15.45 Proton theraphy.
        Erik Blomqvist, Proton therapy at GWI and TSL.
        Kristina Nilsson, Irradiation of children
15.45-16.05 Bo Stenerlöw, Biomedical research
16.05-16.20 Hans Lundqvist, Radio nuklide production
16.40-17.20 Blue Hall.
        Nils Olsson, Build up and early experiments
        Stephan Pomp, Experiments with SCANDAL and Medley
        Alexander Prokofiev,
         New generationen irradiation facilities and idustrial applications
17.20-17.40 Björn Gålnander,
         (Try to) establish research institute.

Soundwave files from inauguration of GWI in 1949, in swedish (transferred from old medium to digital form by order of Björn Gålnander in connection with planning of  the symposium):

  1. Kronprinsen Gustaf Adolf inviger
  2. The Svedberg Institut tillblivelse
  3. The Svedberg Institut tillblivelse del 2
  4. Uppsala Universitets Rektor Fredrik Bergs hälsningstal
  5. Direktör Frans Nilssons tal (Gustaf Werner-koncernen)
  6. Arne Tiselius hyllar TS
  7. The Svedberg beskrivning inst
  8. The Svedberg tacktal
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