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TSL Surplus campaign 7

TSL Surplus campaign nr 7  started 15:00, 13 March 2017.

(updated: 2017-03-23)


Solveig Eriksson

Solveig Eriksson, former administrator at TSL, has after a time of illness passed away at age 75 years.

(updated: 2017-02-13)


Student thesis for UPTS at TSL

UPTS tracking

A measurement level module for a pellet tracking system, Jenny Regina, Official publication site

(updated: 2017-02-10)


Ongoing activities at TSL

service man

Service and preparations for test start of the accelerator in March 2017.


Decommissioning of the Radio Chemistry laboratory.

HPGe detector test

Evaluations and test runs wwith different HPGe-detector systems. To be used for measure activity in the building and equipment.

(updated: 2017-01-26)


Cyclotron from floor

Pictures of the cyclotron can be found on page with technical details.

(updated 2016-08-17)


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