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The Svedberg Laboratory at Uppsala University.

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Comparison of Non-Linear Effects from the Electric Field of Several Current Distributions
V. Ziemann


Transverse Electron Cooling Measurements with a Kicked Pencil Beam
V. Ziemann


Ideas for an Interferometric Thermometer
V. Ziemann


A Model of the Beam-Pellet Interaction
V. Ziemann



Analytical Design of a Confocal Resonator
T. Lofnes, V. Ziemann (Ed.), The Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden
A. Ferrari, Department of Radiation Sciences, Uppasla University, Sweden



Scaling Relations for the Determination of Beam Optics Errors using Response Matrix Analysis
V. Ziemann


Analysis of a method to measure the dodecapole component of the LHC triplet magnets with a wobbling closed bump
V. Ziemann


F-Tools, Signal Processing on the Command Line
V. Ziemann



New instrumentation for accurate survey of physical installations at TSL
P.-U. Renberg and O. Byström


Design Considerations for a Feedback System to Control Self-Bunching in Ion-Storage Rings
V. Ziemann


2000 - 50

Machine Studies Related to Internal Hydrogen Pellet Target and to Electron Cooling/Heating at CELSIUS
D. Reistad, T. Bergmark. H. Calén, C. Ekström, C.-J. Fridén, K. Gajewski, L. Hermansson,
P. Jahnke, T. Lofsnes, B. Lundström, G. Norman, Y.-N. Rao, R. Wedberg, L. Westerberg and
V. Ziemann, The Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden
K. Fransson, A. Larsson and J. Zlomanczuk, Dept. of Radiation Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

2000 - 49

Turn-by-turn Beam Positions in CELSIUS using Time Domain Signal Processing
V. Ziemann

2000 - 48

Studies of Intra-Beam Scattering at CELSIUS
Y.-N. Rao


99 - 47

V. Ziemann


98 - 46

Recent developments at ion cooler rings
D. Reistad

98 - 45

New developments at CELSIUS
L. Hermansson et. al.

98 - 44

The WASA facility at the CELSIUS storage ring
C. Ekström and the WASA collaboration

98 - 43

Resonance driven by the Electric Field of the Electron Cooler
V. Ziemann


97 - 42

A DSP controlled position measurement equipment for pulsed beams in transfer lines
M. Bengtsson, T. Bergmark and D. Reistad

97 - 41

Implementation and use of a Tcl/Tk API for the accelerator control system of
The Svedberg Laboratory
L. Thuresson, V. Ziemann and E. J. Veldhuizen

97 - 40

Closed orbit correction in CELSIUS
K. J. Gajewski and V. Ziemann

97 - 39

Calculations on stripping
A. Ringbom

97 - 38

PM on neutron facility spectrum characterization measurements
A. Prokofyev

97 - 37

Analytic expressions for longitudinal schottky signals from beams with Gaussian
momentum distribution
V. Ziemann

97 - 36

Optimising injection into CELSIUS with a steering feedback and beta-matching system
A. Mohammadzadeh

97 - 35

Beam optics for the target beam lines of the European Spallation Source
V. Ziemann

97 - 34

Idle cavities for CTF2
P. Nadel-Turonski

97 - 33

Proposal for an inexpensive beam position and size measurement system
S. Hultqvist and V. Ziemann

97 - 32

Internal targets
C. Ekström

97 - 31

Performance and perspectives on CELSIUS
D. Reistad

97 - 30

New optics of the ESS target beam lines
V. Ziemann


96 - 29

Non-linear transverse cooling of beams in CELSIUS
K. Hedblom

96 - 28

DC to 100 KHZ Beam current transformer for CELSIUS
Y. Yin and D. Li, TRIUMF, T. Bergmark and D. Reistad, TSL

96 - 27

Recent activities at CELSIUS
T. Bergmark et. al.

96 - 26

CELSIUS as an h factory
C. Ekström et. al.

96 - 25

Modeling and tuning the beam lines of the The Svedberg Laboratory
V. Ziemann

96 - 24

Transverse cooling times and cooled beam profiles at CELSIUS
T. Bergmark et. al.


95 - 23

Injection, cooling and accumulation of ions from the Gustaf Werner Cyclotron into the
CELSIUS cooler-storage ring
D. Reistad et. al.

95 - 22

Identification of third order hamiltonian Coefficients from forced coherent beam collisions
V. Ziemann

95 - 21

Using FODO channels in ESS target beam lines
V. Ziemann

95 - 20

Emittande measurements of the polarized proton beam in the injection line into
the Gustaf Werner Cyclotron at the The Svedberg Laboratory
J. Loriewicz, D. Wessman, V. Ziemann, L. Hermansson and M. Berglund

95 - 19

Polarized protons at the The Svedberg Laboratory
M. Berglundet. al.


94 - 18

Resonant beam position monitors for the TSL beam transport lines
Yan Yin (TRIUMF)

94 - 17

Extension of the facility for clinical trial of proton theraphy and a new injector for the CELSIUS ring
TSL, Inst. for Oncology, UU, Dept. of Hospital Phys., UU and Scanditronix AB

94 - 16

FM-mode central region study
M. Rinta-Nikkola

94 - 15

Calculation of emittance from measured profiles
G. Norman

94 - 14

Some conditions for experiments with thin internal targets
D. Reistad et. al.

94 - 13

Activities at CELSIUS
T. Bergmark, C. Ekström, C-J. Fridén, K. Gajewskiet. al


93 - 12

Update on CELSIUS
D. Reistad

93 - 11

A new injector for CELSIUS
The Svedberg Laboratory
L. Nilsson, D. Reistad and A. Johansson

93 - 10

Acceptance calculations for the AXIAL injection system of the Gustaf Werner cyclotron
M. Berglund

93 - 09

Simulations of electron heating
A. Simonsson

93 - 08

Measurements of electron cooling and "electron heating" at CELSIUS
D. Reistad et. al.

93 - 07

New collector for the CELSIUS eletron cooling system
A. N. Sharapa, A. V. Shemyakin, L. Hermansson and D. Reistad

93 - 06

Design and construction of the CELSIUS electron cooler
M. Sedlacek et. al.

93 - 05

Level survey of CELSIUS-magnets
P-U. Renberg and A. Simonsson

93 - 04

Beam optics calculaations for the axial hole in the Gustaf Werner cyclotron
K. Hedblom and M. Berglund

93 - 03

Recent developments at the Gustaf Werner cyclotron and CELSIUS
D. Reistad

93 - 02

Calculations on multiturn and stripping injection at CELSIUS
K. Hedblom

93 - 01

Cooler ring facilities
D. Reistad


92 - 03

Electron heating up to now
L. Hermansson and D. Reistad

92 - 02

A transparent ultra high vacuum window for external detections at CELSIUS
F. Bertinelli and C. Ekström

92 - 01

Magnetic field measurements in the axial hole of the GWI cyclotron
O. Jonsson, P-U. Renberg and L. Thuresson